Gloucestershire Community Dental Services

provide patient-centred, holistic dental care for adults and children requiring special care dentistry.

Who we are and how we can help

Gloucestershire Community Dental Service is different from a High Street dental practice. Most of our patients are referred to our service for specialist care. We work in partnership with patients, families, carers, health and social care professionals to promote oral health and provide specialist NHS dental care for people who are unable to accept dental care in a family dental practice. This may be due to some physical, intellectual, medical, emotional, sensory, mental or social impairment or a combination of these factors. We promote oral health, provide access to appropriate clinical care and enable equitable opportunities for good oral health.

Gloucester Dental Clinic refurbishment works

From Monday 4 October 2021, Gloucester Dental Clinic at Southgate Moorings will be relocating due to refurbishment works. The dental service will remain operational and can be contacted on the usual number:
0300 421 6440.

Which service is right for you?


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Meet the dental team

The team comprises of dentists, dental therapists/hygienists, dental nurses and oral health educators, who all work together to ensure a patients' oral health needs are met and they maintain a health mouth. The clinical team are supported by a number of administration staff; receptionists and administrators who help maintain patient records and ensure that appointments are booked efficiently.


A dentist will examine and treat patients accompanied by a dental nurse either in surgery or in a patient’s place of residence if necessary. A dentist will:

  • educate patients on oral healthcare
  • examine teeth and diagnose dental conditions
  • assess treatment options and agree treatment plans with patients
  • carry out agreed clinical treatments such as restoring teeth affected by decay and treating gum disease
  • maintain patients' dental records
Dental therapist


A dental therapist will work to a dentist’s prescription for treatment and see patients accompanied by a dental nurse in surgery or in a patient’s place of residence. A therapist will:

  • educate patients on oral healthcare
  • place sealants
  • scale and polish teeth
  • work with patients to manage gum disease
  • carry out treatments such as fillings and extractions


Dental nurse



The nurse will support all members of the dental team both in surgery and in a patient’s place of residence. A nurse will:

  • assist the dentist during and examination or treatment
  • help the dentist to make the patient feel comfortable and at ease
  • be responsible for maintaining patients records including taking notes whist the dentist is examining the patient
  • maintain a high standard of cleanliness in surgery and ensuring it is ready for use

Many of the dental nurses working within our service have further qualifications in radiography, inhalation sedation and special care. 



Oral health educator



An oral health educator will work with patients and cares to provide them with the skills and knowledge to maintain a healthy mouth.

An oral health educator will:

  • educate patients on oral healthcare using various visual aids
  • provide advice and teach brushing techniques
  • advise on diet and snacking
  • educate carers so that they can maintain oral health for their family member or patient including caring for dentures
  • apply fluoride




Dental receptionist



The reception team is the first point of contact for our patients. They will welcome patients and complete any paperwork necessary prior to them being seen by the clinician. They will assist patients to make appointments for their examinations and treatment.






The administration team will carry out various clerical tasks, such as managing the referral process and patient records.



The staff are always very helpful and put the patient at ease

– FFT Dental comments

I liked going in the chair, I was nervous about coming but the dentist and nurse made me feel happy

– FFT Dental comments

The care here is always perfect. The staff are kind and professional.


– FFT Dental comments

Brilliant care for my autistic son, they get him to accept such good tooth care. Amazing team!

– FFT Dental comments

Absolutely amazing A* all the way. Thank you for your awesome advice

– FFT Dental comments

Fantastic nurses, they put me at ease and explained what was going to happen in the appointment. I left feeling happy

– FFT Dental comments

Our services cover the following areas...


Our dental team are highly skilled and dedicated professionals who appreciate that some people can have difficulties in accessing dental care.

We are here to give high-quality treatment with a caring, understanding approach. Members of the team also have special interests in learning difficulties and dementia and are able to assist patients and their carers with their dental needs.

We have a number of clinics at various locations throughout Gloucestershire. All clinics are accessible by wheelchair and some clinics have specialist equipment, such as wheelchair recliners and bariatric dental chairs, to enable patients to receive dental treatment in comfort. (See clinic details.)


Charges for Treatment by Gloucestershire Community Dental Service

People will be charged the current NHS dental patient charges unless proof of exemption can be provided. The charges you pay depend on the treatment you need to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy. You will only ever be asked to pay one charge for each complete course of treatment, even if you need to visit the dentist more than once to finish it. Our payment charges are categorised as – Band 1, Band 2 or Band 3 –  visit the link to understand which treatments come into each band. The charges are reviewed and subject to change on 1stApril each year.







How to find us

Gloucestershire Community Dental Service has seven specialist sites across the county. For details and clinic opening times use the searchable map opposite or click 'Find our clinics'.



Community Dental Services are ONLY available to current patients and those who are referred by their dentist, or healthcare worker


To access our specialist services please be sure to contact your current dentist, or healthcare professional.