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Gloucestershire Community Dental Service provides a number of specialist services for patients who are unable to receive dental treatment at a regular family dental practice.

Welcome to Gloucestershire Community Dental Services

The specialist dental team aim to achieve optimal oral health so that patients with special care needs experience a healthy, functional and pain-free mouth. We provide practical support and guidance to patients, families, carers and other professionals, continually seeking to improve the patient experience.

Community Dental Services are ONLY available to current patients and those who are referred by their dentist, or healthcare worker


To access our specialist services please be sure to contact your current dentist, or healthcare professional.




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When to use this service

Most patients are referred to our service for special care dentistry. Speak to your regular dentist, doctor or healthcare professional about any problems you are experiencing regarding your dental treatment or oral health. They will be able to advise you and if appropriate, refer you to our service for treatment. Alternatively check if you would benefit from one of our services by using the tool opposite.


Which service is right for you?




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How to find us

Gloucestershire Community Dental Service has seven specialist sites across the county. For details and clinic opening times use the searchable map opposite or click 'Find our clinics'.