Intermediate Minor Oral Surgery

Intermediate Minor Oral Surgery


The provision of the Intermediate Minor Oral Surgery Service (IMOS) has transferred to the Community Dental Service (CDS), as part of Gloucester Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust (GHC NHSFT).

IMOS is a referral service for patients requiring Level 2 care – i.e. care provision from a clinician with enhanced skills and experience on a specialist level.

The IMOS provides Level 2 oral surgery procedures which are beyond the scope of mandatory services, as defined by NHS GDS contract and PDS agreement regulations.


Referral criteria

The referral criteria includes:

  • Level 2 oral surgery procedures for patients (adult-18 years old) that have demonstrated they are able to accept dental care in general dental services – however, it is the complexity of the minor oral surgical procedure that is the reason for the referral.


  • Minor oral surgery procedures:
    • Surgical removal of uncomplicated third molars involving bone removal
    • Surgical removal of buried roots and fractured or residual root fragments
    • Exposure/removal of teeth for orthodontic treatment if the patient is over 18 years of age.
  • Patients referred have been assessed as ASA I and ASA II (using the American Society of Anaesthesiologist physical status classification system), with no significant medical history that cannot be managed in general dental services.


  • Patients that are able to accept treatment under local anaesthesia.

Referrals will be accepted using the IMOS e-referral form only (see below). Please note, this form is different from the Special Care/Paediatric e-referral form.

E-referrals will be triaged by the IMOS Performer and a decision will be made on whether or not the patient meets the acceptance criteria for the service.

Where the e-referral does not meet the criteria, it will be returned to the referrer.

Intermediate Minor Oral Surgery Referral Form

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  • Referral information

  • e.g. extraction of tooth
  • e.g. not treatable pulpal/periapical pathology
  • e.g. close proximity to antrum/risk of oro-antral fistula
  • Medical history and patient associated modifiers

  • Medical conditions

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  • Social history

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        • Consent

        Community Dental Services are ONLY available to current patients and those who are referred by their dentist, or healthcare worker


        To access our specialist services please be sure to contact your current dentist, or healthcare professional.